Alabama Disability Adult Child Benefits Attorney

The Social Security Administration provides disability benefits to adult children who have been disabled since childhood. The benefits are based on the earning records of the parents. The adult child must have been disabled prior to the age of 22 to receive these benefits. Other qualifications: the parent must either be deceased or receiving disability or retirement benefits. Why is this a child’s benefit? Because payments are based on the parent’s earning record. Wettermark & Keith provides experienced Social Security Disability Benefits representation to disabled adult children and a free case review is available by contacting our office.

How Long Does it Take to Start Receiving Disability Payments?

Disability benefits will be paid about seven months after the disability. Although payments start six months after the disability, there is a one month period afterwards in which the benefits start getting paid.

What Are the Statistics That an Individual Will Become Disabled?

Although it may seem hard to believe, there is a 3 in 10 chance that a 20 year old will become disabled before they reach the age of retirement.

What Programs Exist for Disability Payments?

The two programs for disability payments are Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income Program, or SSI. An individual must be unable to work due to their physical or mental disability in order to receive benefits. This means that the medical condition must last at least one year or be expected to result in the claimant’s death. There are two earnings tests that must be met: firstly, a recent work test that is based on the applicant’s age at the time of the disability, and secondly, the duration of work test which indicates that the applicant worked for a sufficient period of time paying into Social Security.

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