Alabama Benefits for Disabled Widows and Widowers Attorney

Disabled widows and widowers may be eligible to receive benefits as early as age 50. The disability must have started prior to age 60 and within 7 years of:

  • The month that the worker died, or
  • The month your previous entitlement to disabled widow or widower’s benefits ended because your disability ended, or
  • The last month you were entitled to mother’s or father’s benefits on the worker’s record
  • Source: Social Security Administration

This is confusing to many applicants. It is advisable to obtain the assistance of a qualified Social Security Disability Widows and Widower’s Attorney. At Wettermark & Keith we offer a free case review.

Benefit Amounts for a Widow or Widower

The widow or widower’s benefits are paid according to a formula representing a percentage of the deceased’s benefit amount. This depends on the age of the widow or widower when they retired. The widow or widower may receive either 100% or 71-99% of the deceased’s benefit amount. If the widow or widower has a child younger than 16, they will receive 75% of the benefit amount.

Who Should Notify Social Security About the Death of the Spouse of the Widow or Widower?

The question often arises as to who should contact Social Security with information pertaining to the death of a Social Security beneficiary. While many funeral directors provide this information to Social Security, the deceased’s family members are responsible for providing this information.

About the Lump Sum Death Payment

Surviving spouses are entitled to a lump sum (last reported as $255) if they were living together at the time of the death. If they were living apart, the survivor may also be entitled if they were receiving Social Security benefits from the deceased’s account. If there is no spouse, an eligible child may receive the lump sum.

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