Alabama SSDI Attorney

Like other states, Alabama has a social security disability program to help physically and mentally disabled workers. “SSDI” refers to Social Security Disability Insurance. In Alabama, applicants can apply at local field offices or online but the process is often quite difficult for many applicants and the majority of applicants are denied. In fact, the initial applicant denial rate is around 70%. In order to improve your chances of being approved initially or on appeal, it is advisable to obtain the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable SSDI attorneys. Wettermark & Keith, LLC, is a law firm in Alabama that has helped thousands of Social Security Disability applicants over the years.

SSDI Applicant Information

After the initial field office or online application, the application is reviewed for approval or denial. If the applicant is denied – as most are initially – a written request for a disability appeal must be filed within 60 days.

  • The applicant sometimes goes before a judge, where a hearing occurs
  • Testimony is often provided by medical and vocational specialists
  • The point of the hearing is to determine the applicant’s ability to work
  • The information that the applicant and others provide are of extreme importance and an experienced SSDI attorney can often make the difference between a favorable and unfavorable decision

Most Applicants are Denied SSDI Benefits

The fact is that most applicants are initially denied disability benefits during their first hearing. The chances of approval increase at the reconsideration hearing or further appeal, particularly when the applicant is represented by a knowledgeable attorney. It often takes over a year for the process and it is challenging and complicated. When an applicant cannot work and they are in need of disability insurance, it is obviously of great importance to get approved, because monthly benefits often range from about $700 to $1300 or more.

Complimentary SSDI Case Review and No Legal Fees Unless We Win Your Case

At the Alabama Law Firm of Wettermark & Keith, experienced and skilled disability representation from qualified attorneys greatly increases the chance of the applicant’s approval. Whether you are just starting your SSDI application or have been previously denied, we offer a free case review. If we accept your case, it is on a contingency fee basis and there are no legal fees unless we are successful in our efforts to get you SSDI approval. The complimentary case review gives you the opportunity to ask questions and to explore future options. To schedule your appointment with the compassionate Social Security Disability attorneys at Wettermark & Keith, call our office at (205) 933-9500.