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David Jordan

“As a trial Lawyer, Chris Keith got my case where it needed it to be. Wettermark & Keith protected my rights. They got me the compensation I needed to get my life back together.”

– David Jordan

Russelville, AL


Cecil Rhinewalt

“I worked for the railroad for 27 years and I gave them my life. Then I was in a major accident and the railroad basically disowned me and didn’t care about me anymore. I knew I needed some help. I talked with Wettermark & Keith and I knew they were the attorneys I needed. They really cared about me and my wife. They made us feel like family. It couldn’t have been any better. The money I received for my injuries will take care of my family for the rest of our life.”

– Cecil Rhinewalt

Jackson, MS


Frankie Charlton

“A prescription drug caused me to develop Rhabdomyolysis and kidney failure. I was hospitalized for 30 days and realized that I needed an attorney to represent me. That’s when I called Wettermark & Keith. They worked hard for me and I can’t praise or thank them enough for what they did. I tell all my friends, if they’re ever injured to call James Wettermark.”

– Frankie Charlton

Birmingham, Al


David & Barbara Clark

“We are from Louisville, KY and even though Wettermark & Keith is from Birmingham, AL there was no doubt that we needed to hire them to represent us. As a representative of my Union, I witnessed the large settlements James Wettermark obtained for workers. They fought very hard for us. I don’t believe that any other law firm could have got us the settlement we received. We are very pleased about the settlement Wettermark & Keith obtained for us.”

– David & Barbara Clark

Louiseville, KY

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Wettermark & Keith secures a reversal of judge's decision by the Appeals council for their client

Wettermark Keith is pleased to announce exciting news from the Social Security department. While our attorneys have an extremely successful track record in obtaining favorable outcomes for our clients, sometimes the journey is longer than others. When a client receives an unfavorable decision from an Administrative Law Judge, the available recourse is to appeal that decision to the Appeals Council, the body responsible for reviewing cases for mistakes made by the previous judge as to the law or facts. Unfortunately, due to the strict standard of review, the Appeals Council fails to find a reason to overturn or remand the prior determination in the vast majority of cases. However, our attorneys are committed to ensuring that our clients receive the benefits they deserve.

This month, Attorney Jessica Brooks secured a reversal of the judge’s decision by the Appeals Council for her client. A more common outcome when the Appeals Council takes issue with a judge’s decision, is a remand to the judge in order to conduct a another hearing, a process which is time consuming and does not always result in a positive outcome. A reversal constitutes an outright order of payment of benefits to the claimant and only happens in 2% of cases! Ms. Brooks added, “I understand that this is often a long and frustrating process for my clients. This was a case that went to hearing in November of 2011 and we received the Appeals Council reversal in February of 2014. However, the fact that my client will be compensated for that time in back pay makes the determination and hard work worth it.” Wettermark Keith looks forward to future Appeals Council reversals as we continue to provide our expertise and experience to our clients.

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